Things You Need to Know about Slime

Mucus ordinarily resident in some part of your body. Such as the nose, mouth, and throat. During this mucus produced the part, may not make you uncomfortable, even disgust. Some facts as reported fromGoodhousekeeping , Tuesday (03/02/2015), probably will make you understand why the mucus produced by your body.

Mucus is required

Mucus produced not only keep your nose breathing network of drought, but also clean the sinuses and nasal tract. On top of that, slime or mucus serves as the body's defense against foreign substances, such as bacteria, dust, and other allergens.


Made of 95 percent water

The mucus is made of 95 percent water. However, mucus has a strong function as antibodies that fight bacteria and viruses. The less mucus you have, the greater your vulnerability to infection.

Have a variety of colors

Although generally colorless or clear, mucus can appear in a variety of colors. If the mucus is green or yellow, it indicates the presence of a viral infection. If the color is brown, the possibility of mucus mixed with blood due nostrils dry and irritated.

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