Sometimes, Running From Reality Make Life Happier

Become a happier certainly not a difficult case. If you can control your emotions and also choose the best and which make yourself comfortable, get a fresh mind and happy is an easy case. Many people say that we do not have to run away from reality.But when you are struggling with the fact that bad, of course you will feel depressed and even stress. Reporting from, at least you can run away from the fact bad for a happier life.

Who Hated Work

When you hate your job, it never hurts to run away from it. Stop of the hated job is the right choice. Stop the work would give a different nuance compared to fired. Quit their jobs and choose the new jobs that fit your heart can at least give you happiness. But do not quit their jobs because you are lazy to work.

Sometimes, Running From Reality Make Life Happier
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City Living

When you choose to migrate to another town, make sure you find happiness there. Go out of town that you live if you do not feel happy at all there. A city that does not provide benefits, life success and happiness, of course, very necessary for you to leave. There are still many other city can provide for your future happiness.


Without friends and companions felt life could feel so empty. But you need to leave a friend or friends that only when you are happy and let you when calamity strikes. Good friends are in times and bad. But if your friend is only in the moment like it, why do you have to keep on with her? There are still many other friends who is more sincere and comfortable with you.

Bad Habits

This is what you must immediately leave, bad habits. Be sure to run away from the fact this one if you want your life happy. Leave your old negative self and become a new person happier and more positive. No negative habits such as frequent night out, lazy, dissipate and things like going to make you happy. The happiness of this habit can be felt for a moment, but not forever. Ensure become self-new, more positive and happy.

Those are some things you need to leave and run away from him. Sometimes escapist actually better than you persist in it. Escape from reality as the above is not a bad thing if it makes you able to live a happier and successful. Be sure to leave something that is harming yourself. But remember, do not ever leave the reality that requires you to be responsible.

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