Dialogue 1.5 Hours, Galih Decide Being Muslim

On Thursday night, (29/1), after Maghrib prayers, converts Annaba Center Indonesian pesantren arrival of two special guests. They want dialogue with KH Syamsul Arifin Nababan, as the founder of Pesantren Annaba Center. 

One of them, before ever coming to a boarding school, on Sunday night yesterday. He first came in and did a dialogue with scholars pack and then promised to come again for the sake of strengthening his faith in Islam. While his friend, wanted to know what the teachings of Islam.


In the dialog that lasted 1.5 hours, there are all kinds of questions on how the concept of Deity in Islam. Not waiting for a long time, one of them named Galih finally decided to embrace Islam. He felt no need to postpone the time for his belief against Islam is strong. 

Galih believe Islam is no longer a feared religion, but rather has become the religion of truth, and nothing else except Islam. Previously, Galih very afraid of Islam as synonymous with terrorism and violence. "There is no compulsion to (enter) religion (Islam); verily clearly the right path than astray ... (Surah Al-Baqarah [2]: 256)," Kiai Nababan message to Galih.

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